The Coalition for Culture and Media (CCM) was formed in 2017 and brings together some forty organizations active in the cultural and media sector representing hundreds of thousands of people throughout Canada.

In its Declaration for the sustainability and the vitality of national culture and media in the digital era, the coalition calls upon governments to restore fiscal and regulatory fairness, to act with continuity, and to implement effective measures to support national culture and media. Cultural and media content produced in this country entertains, moves, informs, or passionately engages us, and is greatly appreciated by the public. Regardless of the technology used to distribute it, this content contributes to our identity, and is an important factor in social integration and cohesion. Culture and media also represent a major economic power which generates almost 3 % of Canada’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and more than 650 000 jobs.

The coalition thinks that the federal government has a leading role to play in order to set up the tools necessary to preserve our cultural and media sovereignty online.

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