The cultural sector congratulates Minister Fortin’s position on fiscal and regulatory fairness

The newly formed coalition that last week issued a Declaration on the sustainability of cultural expression in the digital era welcomes the statement by the Minister of Culture and Communications, Mr. Luc Fortin, that Quebec could act on its own accord if Ottawa does not intervene to ensure financial and regulatory equity for Canadian and non-Canadian Internet broadcasters.

The organizations that formed the coalition were very pleased that the Minister shares their concerns about the critical importance of fiscal and regulatory fairness between participants in the cultural sector.  The coalition shares the Minister’s position that nations must apply a consistent regulatory framework for all parties, including digital multinational corporations.

“CONTINUITY – FAIRNESS – SUPPORT” Coalition launches a declaration for sustainable cultural expression in the digital era

A large group of cultural organizations for formed a coalition to urge the government to take swift action to solidify the foundation of our cultural and media ecosystem. Citing growing inequality in the communications industry, the coalition behind the “CONTINUITY – FAIRNESS – SUPPORT” declaration has laid out the foundation that should guide new policy development.

“These multinationals, including Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Spotify, offer services that provide access to a multitude of content yet they are not required to comply with the same fiscal, tax and regulatory conditions as companies based in Quebec and the rest of Canada. What’s more, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and electronic hardware manufacturers have access to music, audiovisual productions and digital books without making any financial contributions to the creation of these products from which they profit,” the declaration states.